About the Shop

Is Snack Shop a game?
Is it a generative collection?
It's both!


What is Smol Snack Shop?

•   A Shop Tycoon Game

•   A “Play to Earn” Web2/3 GameFi Experience

•   A Generative Art NFT

•   A Multi-Metaverse Economy of NFTs

•   A Multi-Blockchain Project

•   A Web3 Community


Your Shop

  • To play the game, players must mint a shop NFT on the Ethereum, Arbitrum, or Solana blockchains.
  • "Staking" minted shops in the Smol Snack Shop game contract will allow owners access to play the game.
  • Minted shop NFTs will come with a variety of traits with thousands of possible combinations.
  • Minted shop traits will affect a shop’s appearance in-game.
  • Shops can be "un-staked" at any time and sold to other players on partner marketplace websites.
  • All game-state earned for a shop will be passed on to the next owner if sold.

What you can Earn

$snack coin

The proprietary currency of Smol Snack Shop. Use this to purchase boosts in casual play, item skins, and more!

Shop items

Rare stat boosting items that can be placed in or around your snack shop, providing your shop with passive upgrades, bonuses, and more!

Item skins

Want your shop to look 80s retro? Maybe an island theme? Change the look and feel of your snack shop with item skins.

Partner powerups

While providing no utility in the Smol Snack Shop metaverse, partner power-up items can be sold for real cryptocurrency to other players in partner metaverses.


Participate in seasonal competitive ladders, or stake in our exclusive liquidity pool contracts to earn big crypto rewards.

Getting Started

  1. Mint your shop NFT on Ethereum, Arbitrum, or Solana.
  2. Stake your shop to begin play.
  3. Choose to play the game in casual or competitive mode and switch at any time.
  4. Play, have fun and earn!

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